Welcome to Audrey Kim's GITA 1 webpage

Hello, this is my GITA 1 webpage.
I'm a freshman and am learning C#, which is a modern well language in business.
A few of my goals include playing soccer at a high level in college
and maintaining good grades throughout all of high school.
I have all of my projects posted so that you can download them by clicking the project screenshot.

Goodbye Program


This program translates how to say goodbye in a variety of languages.

Help Page Program


This programs allows one to obtain background information about the company, experiment with changing the font and color, and access the logo.

Mailing Label Program


This program allows one to input their information and have it displayed in the format of a mailing label.

Car Rental Program


This program allows one to input information in the text boxes to calculate the cost of a car rental. It calculates the number of miles driven and the total charge amount. It also calculates the manager calculations.

BMI Program


In this program, one enters their height and weight in the text boxes and then that information is used to calculate BMI.It also calculates the average BMI and keeps track of the total people who calculated their BMI.

Car Rental Upgrade Program


This program is an upgraded version of the Car Rental Program. It has radio buttons and checkboxes which allow one to choose their car and pick optional upgrades.

Test Score Program


This program allows one to enter two test scores, which calculates the letter grade of both tests. It also outputs what score is higher and the average of both scores.

Dice Program


This program randomly rolls two dice. It then uses random numbers and displays the faces of the dice, which one rolled. It shows the sum of the two dice rolled and keeps track of how many times the user rolled each sum two through twelve and shows the probability of rolling each sum.

Craps Dice Game Program


This program functions similarily to the Dice Program and is like the Craps Games as seen in many casinos.

T-Shirt Program


This program calculates and displays the total amount due for a shirt order.

Slot Machine Program


This program functions as a slot machine and uses text boxes and radio buttons to allow the user to input information as needed.

Rock-Paper-Scissor Program


This program functions as a rock-paper-scissors game. It allows for two people to play and keeps track of who won for each round.

Fish 1 Program


This program moves a llama image from left or right with buttons. It keeps track of how many times the llama moves and bumps on the left and right side of the tank.

Fish 2D Program


This program has a fish and shark graphic, which can be moved by a button or automatically. It keeps track of how many times it moves and bumps left, right, up, or down. The shark can also eat the fish, where a message box will appear.

Tic-Tac-Toe Program


This programs as a typical tic-tac-toe game. Each player gets to go at a turn choosing a box. A message box will appear if one loses, wins, or ties.

N! Program


This programs allows one to enter a number and then shows the sum, the evens, the odds, the factorials, and the fibonacci from 1 to the number that is inputted.

Basic AI Game Program


This programs has two characters. One character moves automatically and the other is controlled by the arrow keys.

Star Field Program


This programs has stars that are moving at random, making it look like one is in space looking at the stars.

Aquarium Program


In this program, fish move randomly around the tank. There is also a shark that eats the fish and a hook that catches the fish. This program also has bubbles, which are floating from the bottom to the top of the tank.

Number Array Program


This program generates an array of 5000 random numbers and out of those 5000 numbers, it finds the lowest number, highest number, and calculates the average value.

Final Game - Potion Scavenger


Potion Scavenger is a game where player collects potions and once collecting a certain number of potions, moves on to the boss level.